Pink in Marikina

Ilana, the genius behind Mommy Shorts' Instagram account @pinkinnyc (and @insta2yearold) has recently invited her followers to do their own versions of playing "I spy pink" in their own cities. I got inspired to do the same here in our little clean and green valley and thus, using the hashtag #pinkinmarikina. So Pia and I went out last Saturday (going out is a big deal for us because of this unbelievable heat) to bike and to also get the contact number of the swimming school she'll be enrolling at real soon. 


Easter Egg Painting at Jollibee

I thought that I'll share Pia's pre-summer activities first before her graduation photos and story 'cause I have yet to get her progress report card. Yup, she already graduated from preschool. Huhuhu. I already have a first grader come June. Cliché as it sounds but really, where did the time go? She's 4-feet tall now. Where's my 6-pounder-sisiw-looking baby?

Like the Cool Kids

R and I are into Spotify. I Spotify when I cook or clean. He Spotifies when he drives. OK, I used the proper noun as a verb. English teachers, this is my blog. Shoo! Anyway, because of Spotify, we discovered a few new songs that these kids (naks, feeling matured and all grown up na talaga) are listening. Eh siyempre, medyo stuck ako kay Kitchie Nadal at Imago. Sige, let's include Solid Harmonie na din. LOL. Thanks to Spotify, I knew about Echosmith's Cool Kids. So nice this song ha. Super LSS-worthy. And uhm, napapamove ako ng slight. What do the kids now call it ba? Yung dance a la Valkyrie, yung ganern? Well, in fact, Pia knows the chorus and she even sang it to her Ninang V on Viber. 


Raising a Girl

So I posted a link to a YouTube video of a Kai Honasan song on this blog's Facebook page and captioned it with some motherly statements. I then used a hashtag for emphasis, for added oomph. The day went normal for me and my girl — screen time like there's no tomorrow (sorry, too hot to go out), ate together like always and baked cookies for her afternoon activity. Then I posted a photo of her scooping a cookie dough and putting it carefully on the cookie sheet, in top view no less, and used the same hashtag. 

The hashtag was #raisingagirl.


A Soldier's Family at Enchanted Kingdom

Like what I said on a previous post, we went out of town for R’s birthday last February. After a heavy breakfast at Rowena’s, we travelled straight to Philippines’ happiest place — Enchanted Kingdom! Woohoo! Can you picture out the bouncing little brave girl shrieking in delight at the backseat of the car? She kept on asking us “are we there yet?” like on every stop, haha! We finally arrived on our destination a little before 12noon but a few excited families have already began to pile up at the entrance. My guts told me that most were from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and R thought so, too. You see, it was November last year when EK announced that all AFP personnel can enter for free until October 31st of 2015. I believed that it was in celebration of AFP’s 79th founding anniversary. Wait, there’s more (in a sales pitch tone, of course)! Their dependents can enjoy 50% discount and up to 5 companions can slash off 25% on the ticket price. Isn’t that such a great news? Don’t forget to bring your dependent’s IDs (yours and your children’s) for validation. Yup, mistresses and illegal wives will still pay full, heehee.

Anyway, I have a confession.